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The turmeric root has around 235 identified compounds capable of working in harmony in your body and improving your health. The most noteworthy are curcuminoids, responsible for turmeric’s trademark orange-yellow color, and volatile oils. While recent research is biased toward curcumin as turmeric’s most potent compound, there are studies that suggest other components contribute to our health as well. Why It’s So Great 1. Strengthens Immunity The immune system is constantly at war with invaders like bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi, and anything that doesn’t match the body’s own sensibilities – say, the normal wear and tear of joints with age.
The aloe vera plant, a succulent, stores water in its leaves to survive in dry regions. The slightly yellow gel you see when you split the leaves in half is nothing but water storage cells. Even though about 99% of these cells is just water, the remaining 1% has compounds that are health promoting. Take a quick look: Adding to its accolades, aloe vera has seven of the eight essential amino acids that your body can’t synthesize on its own and needs from food.