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If you care about your mind, you must have meditated – at least once in your life. Dig back into that memory and tell us what type of a meditator you are. The fidget: you just can’t sit still! Hasn’t it been ages already? The sleeper: did you just snore? The planner: this sitting idle is killing you! You might as well plan for tomorrow! You know that meditation is a technique to calm the mind, intensify focus, and improve brain function.
Looking out for your overall well-being, Indian kudzu (also known as vidari) brings balance to both your body and your mind. Its rock-like root tubers have chemicals to help do just that. They mostly include pigment compounds called flavonoids and their derivatives. If you venture to do some of your own research on Indian kudzu, you’ll repeatedly come across puerarin, daidzein, and genistein. These three compounds somehow form a team and bring about most of Indian kudzu’s benefits.
The 25-meter tall chebulic myrobalan tree has a tall list of compounds that are quick to smooth digestion and kindle the brain. Also known as haritaki, they’re tucked away in the unassuming green drupe-like fruits of the tree – most useful when dry and ripe. You may be familiar with chebulic myrobalan’s more established role in the tri-ingredient ayurvedic tonic triphala. However, on its own too, it has loads to offer – earning itself the title “the King of Medicines.