Why Your Supplements Must Be The Balancing Kind

Modern healthcare is focused on disease management

When we say healthcare, more often than not we think about diseases and doctors and hospitals. Our modern healthcare system is built to address acute health problems. And it is very good at that, no doubt.

It all started with penicillin. Before penicillin, infections were the biggest killers on earth. Penicillin gave us an insight that we don’t have to always depend on what our body can naturally do, we can take matters in our own hands. For the first time in human history, infections could be treated, with certainty.

Soon enough, this approach was extended to other health problems. If not cure or treat them, at least we could use medicines to manage our health, to survive longer. With modern testing methods, we are able to detect diseases earlier than ever, and we can start managing or treating them earlier than ever before.

But your health is actually managed by your body

Somewhere along this journey of progress, we have completely forgotten that health is not all about diseases and medicines and doctors.

For most of us, right through childhood and youth we are at our healthy best, without any medication whatsoever. And there are some of us who stay healthy right through our lives, without ever needing to visit a doctor.

So, how does your body manage its own health?

Our body is a living system, very different from a machine. Unlike machines, living systems maintain a state of dynamic equilibrium or balance. When they are able to do this well, they remain healthy.

Our body, a living system, works hard to keep us healthy every day. And it is very very good, very specialised at doing this. This process of maintaining balance is sensitive yet resilient. It adapts and adjusts continuously. Everything works in tandem and the body is ready to do each one of millions of daily tasks, at the right time, in the right way. Sleep, digestion, immune function, energy, physical health, mental health – are just parts of one big wholistic sequence of functions to stay balanced and keep going.

When does it begin to struggle?

As we age, all our body’s systems and functions become less efficient. This is natural and happens gradually over time. The body is unable to get back to its balanced best every day and this starts showing up across the body, but more in the functions where the effects of imbalances are higher. You could say that the body is not able to completely repair the damage done every day. Quality of eyesight, hearing, hair, skin no longer as good as before. Digestion quality is poorer, energy levels are lower, memory is not that great, sleep not as refreshing.

Its ideal if you can age gracefully and its possible as long as you take care of your diet and lifestyle – and ensure that it is least abrasive to your health.

The problem is – not many of us are ageing gracefully. Most of us are ageing prematurely. Our diet, our lifestyle, and our environment are to blame.

So, what can we do about it? Can we help our body maintain the quality of its health, naturally?

Yes, of course. By supporting your body’s natural mechanisms to stay balanced on its own, every day.

First and foremost, fix your diet and lifestyle.

Choose a diet and lifestyle that complements your body, that causes the least amount of abrasion.

And here, it is very important for you to go beyond the general “good diet and lifestyle” guidelines.

You are unique. What’s good for someone else, may not be the best for you. For example, if you want to sleep better, should you exercise more, or should you meditate? If you want to improve your digestion, should you eat more warming foods more or cooling foods more?

You need to figure this out. Learn more about personalising your diet and lifestyle, here.

Next, choose the right supplements, the balancing kind.

Whole herbs are really excellent supplements that tick all the right boxes; nothing else comes close.

Do make sure that you are choosing a combination that fits your health and metabolic profile. All herbs are great at what they do, but not all herbs are best suited for everybody.

And it’s not just about the functional effects of the herb. Nutmeg might help your friend sleep better, but for you it might be Lavender.

Read more about regular and the balancing kind of supplements, here.

Get Your Personalised Balancing Supplements

At 1Balance, we recommend the best balancing herbs, personalised for your health and metabolic profile.

We also provide broad diet guidelines – foods that you should eat more of and eat less of, to best support your body’s balancing ability.

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