Trouble Getting Sleep?

Sedatives are not the answer. A sedative is like a sledgehammer that tries to beat your body into submission. Sedatives can offer temporary assistance, but will throw your body further off balance for the next day. And it will keep getting worse every day.

Counting sheep?

Restful sleep comes when your natural sleep-inducing mechanisms are action.

To get better sleep, don’t try to force your body to sleep. Your body just doesn’t work that way. Try to get your body to get its natural sleep inducing mechanisms working well again. Thats the only long term, sustainable, safe solution.

Gut not asleep?

If your body is busy digesting food, then it cannot slow down enough to help you sleep.

Sometimes, all you need to do to get better sleep, is to ensure that you have your dinner at least 2 hours prior to your sleep time. What might be coming in the way is that your body is trying to digest food, when it should be initiating the sleep cycle.

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Not active enough?

Unused energy or bright lighting fools the body into believing it’s not yet time to sleep.

Or you may need to increase the amount of exercise that you do during the day. What might be coming in the way, is that your body doesn’t get the signal that the day is coming to an end, because you still have not expended enough energy during the day or because there is still too much of brightness perhaps because of extended screen time. For melatonin to be produced, your testosterone levels have to come down first.

Restless mind?

Calming down with a gentle massage or meditating helps release sleep-inducing hormones.

Or you may need to calm down or slow down prior to sleep, by relaxing your muscles with a gentle massage or relaxing your mind with some quiet meditation or the aroma of an essential oil or just spending some quality time with your friends and family. Your body waits for cortisol levels to come down and some serotonin to be produced to start inducing your sleep cycle.

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Activate all connected pieces

To sleep better, fixing just your sleep isn’t enough.

The fact is, sleep is connected with everything else that you do. In fact, everything is connected to everything else. Your body functions as a connected whole. It’s a delicate balance, but because it’s all connected it is also remarkably resilient to the imbalances that we put our body through for most of our lives. It adjusts brilliantly, and we never know about it, till the imbalances add up to a point where the body just cannot cope up. Thats thousands of years of evolution.

Remember that your body is very very good at what it does. It just needs gentle support to get back into a balanced routine. Where and how you should support your body depends on your unique metabolism.

Lifestyle changes will help. The right ones. You may need to exercise during the day. Someone else may need to meditate at night. It’s not going to be the same solution for every body.

Supplements that complement your health

Beyond lifestyle changes, supplements can be useful to give your body that extra push and get back to balance faster.

If you are looking for a good supplement to help you sleep better, herbs are an excellent option. But not just the herbs that are known to induce sleep. You also need the other herbs, the ones that bring your digestion, energy, stress management back to balance. That’s because all of those functions work in concert to signal the others. The right combination that complements your unique metabolic and health profile. It’s not going to be the same herbs for everybody. It has to be a combination of herbs suitable for your body type.

Find the best combination of herbs to help you sleep better Take the quiz

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