Warm, sweet, and spicy, cloves (Syzgium aromaticum) are the dried flower bud of the clove tree. Of the many essential oils cloves contain, eugenol is the most important. It helps produce more mucus in the stomach to protect the stomach lining from corrosive acids. Cloves enhance immunity against threats circulating in the blood but alsoContinue reading “Cloves”

Bones and Joints: Balance vs. Imbalance

By your early 20s, your bones are at their strongest. Once you hit your 30s, they gradually start to weaken and things go downhill from there. Women generally have it worse than men, more so once menopause sets in. The best way to slow down this natural deterioration is to start taking care of yourContinue reading “Bones and Joints: Balance vs. Imbalance”

How To Care For Your Bones And Joints After 30

By the time you’re “thirty and flirty,” your bones are at their prime, you have peak bone mass and your joints feel healthy. Then life happens. Your career starts to really pick up, your family grows in size, you suddenly have toddlers to quieten or teenagers to counsel, and you have aged parents to takeContinue reading “How To Care For Your Bones And Joints After 30”