Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Exercise?

Yes, there is. Let us explain.

Society has done a good job of propagating the “no pain, no gain” fitness mantra. It forces you to believe that you need to keep pushing your limit if you want to be fit. That more is always better.

Ayurveda has a slightly nuanced view. It takes into account the individual self – the focal center. What may work wonderfully well for someone may do nothing for you, it may even cause harm. For instance, HIIT may work wonders for your friend but may be too strenuous for you.

With that logic, pushing your limit for something that is anyway not good for you is never an option.

So, that the first thing you need to consider. Am I doing too much of a form of exercise that is not good for me? Even lighter exercise and shorter durations may seem like too much.

The next thing to consider is: How far do I push myself?

You don’t need to keep exercising till you’re flat on your back on the floor. You need to gradually build the endurance to more intense forms of physical activity.

So how do you know when to slow down?

Till you break a mild sweat on your forehead, the tip of your nose, in your underarms, and along your spine. Or till your mouth starts to feel dry.

As long as you’re breathing through your nose and not your mouth, you are well within your limit. The moment you start breathing through your mouth, you know you are beginning to go overboard. Start wrapping up.