Fun Things to Do With Your Family on Weekdays

Most people reserve weekends for social interactions, sometimes even catching up with family members. On most days, you have household chores to finish, professional skills to update, or hobbies to nurture, while your kids have homework to deal with. But try to carve out half an hour or so for a few days a week to do things together. It would be a rewarding and memorable experience.

  • Make a game out of household chores. For instance, if you are folding clothes, maybe whoever folds the best gets to play their favorite music out loud or pick their favorite movie for movie night.
  • Bring back the lost culture of reading a book together. Choose a funny book and take turns to read it out in an animated way.
  • Spend time with the world map. Whether you play a quiz or plan a vacation and draw up an intricate itinerary is up to you.
  • Get to know the universe together. Invest in a cheap telescope. Share the responsibility of gathering information. Maybe you track the meteor showers and let your kid find out about the constellations.
  • Keep a night free for TV or movies.

Living away from family or don’t have one? Don’t let it dampen your spirits. You could ask your flatmates or close friends to join in. You could do some of the activities on this list alone too. Try stargazing. Listen to audiobooks when you don’t want to read one yourself. Take up a new instrument or a new language. Challenge yourself with a tough puzzle. If you are up for it, join a hobby club.