Just Breathe: Pranayama for Your Metabolic Personality

Even before you start reading this article, let’s do a little exercise. Take a couple of seconds to reflect on how you are feeling at this very moment. Distracted, jumping from one thought to another Dull, slow, and lethargic Frustrated and irritated Have you found out what your predominant emotion at the moment is? NowContinue reading “Just Breathe: Pranayama for Your Metabolic Personality”

How To Boost Your Immunity

Your immune system is your body’s department of defense. It prevents and deals with foreign invasion (read disease-causing microbes or pathogens) and quashes guerrilla forces (read free radicals) inside. For the first, it utilizes an army of specialized immune cells and for the second, it relies on a special unit of chemicals known as antioxidants.Continue reading “How To Boost Your Immunity”