Don’t Just Sit. Practice ‘Active Sitting’ And Stay Healthy

A fascinating study published in the journal PNAS, revealed that the hunter-gatherers in many African tribes, were healthier despite spending as much time ‘sitting’, as us. The difference lies in how they sit. Instead of sitting like us, they squat in their rest periods – legs folded and bum held off the ground. Sitting in this posture takes away the health risks that come with sitting too much, keeping these hunter-gatherers healthy.

Not Happy With Social Distancing? Let’s Try ‘Distant Socializing’ Instead

As millions across the globe find themselves grappling with ‘Social Distancing’ and the huge levels of loneliness and boredom that seem to be going viral as fast as the contagion itself, the folk at Stanford University suggest that we restrict ‘Social Distancing’ to mean just ‘Physical Distancing’ and urge everyone to practice ‘Distant Socializing’.
And in the current world climate, this might just be what the doctor ordered. Let’s take a closer look.