Why Should Supplements Be Personalized?

Let’s say we have a health niggle, a fairly common one like poor sleep. It usually doesn’t warrant a visit to the doctor, but it needs a solution all the same – ideally, not a sedative. So we look at the alternative health space for a supplement that could help. A bit of research tellsContinue reading “Why Should Supplements Be Personalized?”

How to Eat Your Daily Vitamins and Minerals

Have you ever wondered what people ate or how much when food groups weren’t discovered, when calories wasn’t a word, and when numbers didn’t exist? Couldn’t count, wouldn’t eat healthy? People stuck to local, seasonal produce, or were forced to do so for the sake of convenience. They went with their gut most of theContinue reading “How to Eat Your Daily Vitamins and Minerals”

Just Breathe: Pranayama for Your Metabolic Personality

Even before you start reading this article, let’s do a little exercise. Take a couple of seconds to reflect on how you are feeling at this very moment. Distracted, jumping from one thought to another Dull, slow, and lethargic Frustrated and irritated Have you found out what your predominant emotion at the moment is? NowContinue reading “Just Breathe: Pranayama for Your Metabolic Personality”

When to Do What: Follow Your Body Clock

No matter how much you plan ahead, some days are plain overwhelming, especially for someone who wants to live healthy. Between working hard and working out, eating right and sleeping tight, and spending time with the family and pampering the self, you have too many boxes to tick in a single day. How do youContinue reading “When to Do What: Follow Your Body Clock”

Metabolism: Balance vs. Imbalance

Metabolism is what directs the flow of energy through your body – in some cases, producing energy, in others, using it. Depending on the balance between the two, you can swing anywhere between “I’m ready to conquer the word” to “I’m not going to lift a finger today.” Generally speaking, here’s how your energy meterContinue reading “Metabolism: Balance vs. Imbalance”

Sleep: Balance vs. Imbalance

Sleep is your body’s simplest hack of bringing itself back to balance. Deep, restorative sleep repairs your torn tissues, helps your muscles grow, consolidates your memory, helps your nerve cells branch out, helps synthesize essential proteins and hormones, and reduces your sensitivity to pain. No wonder you want to sleep when you are tired, worried,Continue reading “Sleep: Balance vs. Imbalance”

Digestion: Balance vs. Imbalance

A good digestion is the source of good health, both of the body and of the mind. Without this process, you would not get nutrients that nourish and power your body. If you have ever used chocolates to lift your mood or experienced brain fog after a heavy meal, you know how closely linked yourContinue reading “Digestion: Balance vs. Imbalance”

Bones and Joints: Balance vs. Imbalance

By your early 20s, your bones are at their strongest. Once you hit your 30s, they gradually start to weaken and things go downhill from there. Women generally have it worse than men, more so once menopause sets in. The best way to slow down this natural deterioration is to start taking care of yourContinue reading “Bones and Joints: Balance vs. Imbalance”

Brain Function: Balance vs. Imbalance

Your brain is your body’s master switch. If it’s not functioning at its best, several other parts of your body aren’t too. Brain function and mental health are typically governed by your innate metabolic personality or prakruti. In fact, your brain activity reflects your prakruti. For instance, in ‘light and quick’ people, the frontal executiveContinue reading “Brain Function: Balance vs. Imbalance”

Immunity: Balance vs. Imbalance

The immune system is a complex network of organs, cells, and chemical ammunition that shields you from disease and keeps you healthy. When thrown off balance, this shield is no longer impenetrable and…you fall sick. In Balance You feel energetic You have a good digestion You don’t have brain fog or difficulty concentrating You haveContinue reading “Immunity: Balance vs. Imbalance”