5 Things You Need to Do at the End of a Workday

Ever had a long day at work when as soon as the clock struck 6, all you wanted to do was scram? In a place with a good work culture, though, such days ought to be few and far between. A proper and methodical end to the workday is just as important as a methodical beginning. Here’s what you ought to do.

1. Check Your To-Do List

It’s good to reflect on and take stock of your big and small victories. Congrats if you’ve checked all the boxes. Don’t feel bad if you haven’t. Maybe you over-committed. Or maybe, you need a different strategy. Sleep on it. Meanwhile, finish a task that takes less time, even if it appears later on your priority list. It could even be replying to emails or returning phone calls.

2. Make a New To-Do List

With a good understanding of how much you can get done the next day, draw up a new to-do list. Prioritize your tasks, set realistic deadlines, and prepare in advance. Fine-tune the list the next morning.

3. Prepare for the Next Day

It could be as simple as filing documents neatly into a folder for the next day. Or if you’re at home, chopping up vegetables and sealing them in ziplock bags for breakfast the next morning.

4. Catch Up

This is relevant if you work in an office. Briefly discuss what you or your team members have done that day, the progresses and the challenges, and what remains to be done. It’s a good time to reassess deadlines. You could also delegate or redistribute responsibilities so that the team gets a chance to approach it with a fresh mind the next day.

5. Clean Up

Tidy up your work space. Not only does it help you start the next day on a clutter-free note, it also gives you a sense of closure.

Now enjoy the rest of your day!