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Ladies, you know that menopause is inevitable. So if you can’t stop it, you might as well enjoy it. Wait! did that sound like a sugarcoated doomsday notice? We hope not! Because there is such a thing as post-menopausal zest! And if you knew the kind of energy and feeling of well-being and freedom it brings along, you’d happily trade PMS for PMZ! Sure, pop culture would have you believe otherwise.
What is that one common thing you talk about with your girlfriends every time you meet – a topic that makes everyone join the fray, armed with gruesome experiences, clever analogies, and smart hacks? The woes of the uterus: PMS (premenstrual syndrome) and period. Quite understandable. Any woman who spends half the month on the mercy of capricious hormones would! Yes, half a month! Barely a couple of weeks pass after your period and you suddenly notice you’re dragging your body around (feels like someone else’s) even as your lower back refuses to cooperate, your mood is plummeting to new lows, your anger is right under your skin (possibly that’s what’s erupting into vicious-looking zits all over your face), you have a raging migraine, a stubborn craving for foods you shouldn’t touch with a barge pole, and you couldn’t care if the world ended right away!