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Even before you start reading this article, let’s do a little exercise. Take a couple of seconds to reflect on how you are feeling at this very moment. Distracted, jumping from one thought to another Dull, slow, and lethargic Frustrated and irritated Have you found out what your predominant emotion at the moment is? Now head to a quiet corner. Sit on the floor, keeping your back straight and relaxing your shoulder.
If you care about your mind, you must have meditated – at least once in your life. Dig back into that memory and tell us what type of a meditator you are. The fidget: you just can’t sit still! Hasn’t it been ages already? The sleeper: did you just snore? The planner: this sitting idle is killing you! You might as well plan for tomorrow! You know that meditation is a technique to calm the mind, intensify focus, and improve brain function.