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Sleep is your body’s simplest hack of bringing itself back to balance. Deep, restorative sleep repairs your torn tissues, helps your muscles grow, consolidates your memory, helps your nerve cells branch out, helps synthesize essential proteins and hormones, and reduces your sensitivity to pain. No wonder you want to sleep when you are tired, worried, or in pain. Good sleep is what makes you feel energetic, fresh, and healthy. But what you can call good sleep depends on your prakruti or innate metabolic personality.
How many days in a week do you wake up feeling your best and charged up to face the world? Every day? Only after a weekend? Rarely? Well, if you chose the last two, this article is for you. You don’t have to spend sleepless nights (pun intended) to figure out how to sleep better. Nor do you have to knock yourself out with sleeping pills. The answer lies within your own body.