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Dog-tired. Sometimes it feels like the word was coined for us, doesn’t it? Used every other day, every other time of the day, and even on weekends. Given how demanding of time our lifestyle is, how do we dodge this neoteric epidemic? Is it even possible to feel energetic Alllll. Day. Long.? Absolutely! But first, let’s clarify what we mean by “energetic.” Being Energetic Is More Than Being Busy There’s this misleading conception that being energetic means being able to do more in a day, being busy all day long and not feeling the pinch of it.
Metabolism is what directs the flow of energy through your body – in some cases, producing energy, in others, using it. Depending on the balance between the two, you can swing anywhere between “I’m ready to conquer the word” to “I’m not going to lift a finger today.” Generally speaking, here’s how your energy meter swings based on the functional energy/energies you naturally gravitate toward: Light and quick: Your energy levels tend to fluctuate through the day.