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Have you ever wondered what people ate or how much when food groups weren’t discovered, when calories wasn’t a word, and when numbers didn’t exist? Couldn’t count, wouldn’t eat healthy? People stuck to local, seasonal produce, or were forced to do so for the sake of convenience. They went with their gut most of the time, listened to grandparents and folklore, ate when hungry and till they were full, and were very aware of what agreed with them and what didn’t.
If you had to pick one sentence you have read again and again in our articles, we’re sure you would pick: “Eat according to your metabolic personality.” It probably sounds like a difficult thing to do. But trust us, it isn’t. You’re already doing some of it instinctively. If your metabolic personality is what gives you your instincts and tendencies, then it must also have given you the tendency to choose and like certain foods.
You’re here. Our guess is that you’re confused or unconvinced about what a balanced meal looks like. You may have had a go at a couple of diet dos and don’ts but nothing really struck a chord with you or stuck, and now you’re more determined than ever to crack the code for the sake of your health. cue champion music If you’ve been listening to anything we’ve been saying, you’re also probably wondering what a balanced meal looks like for your unique metabolic personality (prakruti).
If you are reading this, you’ve surely started eating clean or are planning to start, very soon. Congratulations! You’re off to a great start. Clean eating is great. But with all the noise surrounding what maketh a balanced meal – with butter, without butter? Eggs every day? Only the whites? White rice or brown bread? – it can be challenging to create a healthy plate. However, while the nutrition science community continues the battle on eggs and butter, there are two things they all agree with.