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As a health-conscious person, you take your food seriously. You read labels, choose organic, and prepare your food cautiously. On most days, you can eat most foods without any trouble. But on some days, your digestive system makes its presence felt – you feel food sitting heavy in your belly, or you get heartburn, or you find yourself in an embarrassing situation of flatulence, or heavens forbid, all three.
Rousseau said happiness is all about a good bank account, a good cook, and a good digestion. Some people then are born happy. For most others, good digestion is all about good food practices. A few precious slips and they are back to heaviness, bloating, and heartburn, the usual symptoms of poor digestion. So if you aren’t part of the first group, it’s time to ask yourself the following questions: are you eating the right foods?
A good digestion is the source of good health, both of the body and of the mind. Without this process, you would not get nutrients that nourish and power your body. If you have ever used chocolates to lift your mood or experienced brain fog after a heavy meal, you know how closely linked your gut and your mind are. Your digestion is also intricately linked to your prakruti or innate metabolic personality.